Monday, May 9, 2011

What a weekend! Can I get some help?

Well, I have yet to make my Beltane post, and for that I am truly sorry. I received a nasty email on Friday that truly shook me to the core and I've spent most of the past few days working with circle members to sort out what the hell happened and figuring out what to do about it. I've been thinking about it, and I would like to share it with you guys to see if perhaps you can shed anymore light on some of it, because I'm having no luck. Additionally people need to be aware that this kind of thing really does happen... Before you read it though, I would like to clarify a few things-
1.) The spell in question does indeed have voodoo roots. HOWEVER, it is a spell of self empowerment- not a curse or a spell that would harm anyone or anything. It requires visiting places that represent various stages in life (a hospital, bank, cemetery to name a few- there are 9 total) and charging a key with the mysterious of that place and therefore granting the owner of the key aid in that phase of life.
2.) If someone knows about the treaty that is mentioned, would you mind cluing me in??
3.) This email was sent by a person who is in no way affiliated with the circle. The best I can piece together is that a circle member forwarded my email to a friend who then sent it to the person who wrote this email in response to my original one. It was sent to me, and bcc'd to the entire circle (plus a few other people I don't know).

"Mrs. Scott.
I regret to inform you that by way of Pagan Treaty 4.265, Handling Of Common Artifacts, that this curse ritual is no longer permissible to be performed in large groups.
I also would like to inform you of the following matter.
The magic you practice with unsuspecting individuals such as this, simply informing them of the fact that it is "Hoodoo" will not protect you from backlash. We have been made aware of this matter, and if we must adress it with you again, or anything similar, we shall be taking retributive action, not least of which may include stripping you and your circle of any magical ability. As the spiritual counselor of such a group, it is your responsibility to ensure that they practice safely. You may as well as you may not be aware that such a responsibility also correlates to the Law of Three, to which you shall be paying the price for, in full, if you continue this ritual.
You have not been taking responsibility for your circle, but now, this responsibility has been placed on your shoulders for the duration of your role as leader, even should you take a position of Shadow Leader.
As of this moment, your standing with the High Priestess of Pagan Magic is damaged. Please take care to not damage it further. Your compliance in this matter is of the utmost importance. Thank you all for your time.
With regards to Minerva
All questions can be directed towards this email address, and will be answered as soon as possible. Anyone requiring a voice may ask Gregory for the number to his PRIMARY Pythia. All questions must be direct-No inferences will be made about the suject matter."
When I first got this email, I was ready to throw in the towel and become a hermit. However, now that several days have passed, I am ready to meet this head on and protect my circle, my friends, from harassment and hateful words. We have a circle planned for this weekend which will involve the member who sent on  my email talking to the circle and explaining what has been found out and done, followed by a nice round of cleansing and protection spells. I'm also working on a nice professional response to this email... and shoving aside the snarky comments is like a mental exercise. =)
Really, the purpose of all this is to make sure that everyone is aware that there are those that would seek to claim some sort of power over you and your magic. (As far as I'm concerned, anyone claiming to be the High Priestess of Pagan Magic is in need of a good cosmic 2x4 wake up call). You must remember that your abilities are gifts that have been given to you, and it is not up to any man or woman to decided to take that from you. Any actions that you take are subject to the law of karma, or law of 3 (whatever you want to call it), and you are responsible for your actions. If your deity doesn't like what you're doing, I can assure you that you will hear about it. =) But that is for the Divine to decide, not a nosy little twit who believes that it's their job to take care of it.
Take care everyone. Remember to stay true to your beliefs and who you are. You're spirituality is yours, and yours alone- unique to you and your life. 
Many blessings. 


  1. Wow, where to begin on this one? First of all, I would be addressing the issue of "what happens in coven STAYS in coven" with whomever started passing around your email. Secondly, who the HEL is this woman to tell you she is going to strip you of your magical powers? (raising the bullshite flag and saluting it proudly in her honor).. there is absolutely no authority over you here. Set up some mirror wards and then burn the email in effigy. Then, move on and forget it- aint nothin here for ya, sister ;)

  2. Yes, the email forwarding issue was addressed immediately with the individual, and will be done so again with the group on Saturday. Thanks for the burning of the email suggestion... that was one I hadn't thought of yet. =)
    Thanks for raising the bullshit flag with me. Nice to know I'm not just sorely missing something that I shouldn't be! lol!

  3. ...Wow. Really? What gives her the right to criticize what you and your coven do? The nerve of some people. Ugh.

    If this "treaty" is apparently common knowledge, why is not posted anywhere in the wide world of google.

    I'm with Kallan, burn the email, and then I'd set the ashes loose into the wind so her spiteful words can find her.

  4. Wow I am stunned it is like they got that out of a book or something. we do not live the lives of harry potter, we are REAL people who love and follow God and Goddess
    'Hoodoo' is also a religion with good and bad, where there is good there is always bad a person has the choice to take road A or B.
    I agree, burn it personally I would bury it but giving it to the wind is good too!
    You did nothing wrong no one but Goddess can take away what she has given
    Brightest of Blessings!
    some people just suck and not in a good way!

  5. Sherry,
    You are not the first person that has mentioned Harry Potter through all this! HAHA! One of the circle members asked me if this was someones idea of a real life hogwarts or something.

    Many of the circle members scoured google (and bing, and yahoo, and a bunch of other search engines) and found absolutely NOTHING on a pagan treaty. Sounds to me as though the writer of this email is the beholder of the only copy. =)

  6. Wow! Who on earth thinks they have the power or authority to strip another of their magic? That's just crazy. That's like someone telling me that, as of tomorrow, I will no longer have brown eyes. Um, unless you're planning to take them from me, I guarantee I will!

    I'd be so tempted to write back, but they sound Ca-razy to me! Good luck!

  7. Just flying in to agree with the others here! You've got a terrific blog and I hope you don't mind me "hi-jacking" your comment here to pass on an award I'd like to bestow, called The Versatile Blogger award!

    Details here:

  8. Also flying in - a bit late, but really, how very silly this person is. Who do they think they are? The High Priestess of Pagan Magick? Strip you and your circle of your abilities? HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about fruitloops! They give Pagans a bad name. Goddesses!!! What is with these people?