Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ghosties, Ghosties everywhere... ghosties, ghosties in my-

Daughters room!?

I should start by saying that I've known for some time that there are ghosts in this house... in fact, there is a tree in our back yard, as well as an attic/crawlspace opening in Jaelynn's room that they frequent. The "older" ghosts tend to use the tree, and the "younger" ones, attracted by a child and toys I'm sure, love Jae's room. It's quite amusing to sit down stairs at any point during the day or night and listen to foot steps patter across her floor upstairs when you know that the room, and sometimes house (aside from me), is unoccupied. I've warded the house in a way that will always let the kind spirits passage, but block those that have negativity to them, and I always know when a new young one joins us, as they inevitably will wake Jaelynn up at night on accident. So, when that happens, and after she goes back to sleep, I will go upstairs and have a moment to lay down the house rules, no harm and no waking up the kid. Seems fair to me. In fact, I will forever remember the first child ghost, who has passed beyond now and is also the only one I have had close contact with- his name is Gabriel. My daughter was still in her crib at the time he showed up... in fact it was about two years ago that that happened. When we (my friend Jen and I) "discovered" him, we decided to lay down the law, then we made up the twin bed that was also in Jae's room, and set out a basket of NON noisy toys for him to play with. After that night, I would often hear Jae talking to him or ear footsteps when I knew Jae was asleep. I could often go into her room the next morning and find a toy that had been in the basket, out of it, and it was usually the horse toy that we put in there. I was sad to feel him leave, but happy that he had finally found the strength to move on.
This brings me to the present...
After Gabriel, I stopped actively looking for the ghosts and decided to just settle on knowing of their presence. Let me tell you that I was startled into full awareness this morning when I got up to go get Jae ready for school and opened her bedroom door to find a ghost standing just inside her door. My eye's saw, and my spirit recognized, but in a sleep haze still it took a second longer for my mind to consciously catch up, and by then, she had disappeared from my normal sight and through the crawlspace door. I struck me as funny when I went back to tell my hubby what had happened, as Jaelynn had just told me a few night ago that there was a ghost in her room. With all the Halloween displays at every corner, I chalked it up to the possibility that she was being a normal three year and seeing Casper... After this morning, there is no doubt in my mind that she was referring to the ghost I saw this morning. She was about three feet tall and looking nothing more than a cylinder of white light, but she was clearly female in presence and mind. It was a strange experience and my first of actually TRULY seeing a ghost instead of just feeling and knowing.

Wicked cool... =)

Then, to top all this off, this afternoon Jae decided to put on my slippers and this gaudy pink hat I have. She looked at me while wearing this and said, "Ok mommy, I'm going to be Grandma now." Wouldn't you know that both the slippers and hat had belonged to my grandmother who passed away a year ago last October 1st. See this entry for more info... A Discovery of Death

Now how is that for some crazy pre-Samhain veil thinning?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Superstitions

I know there is a lot I could write on when it comes to Halloween and Samhain.... However, I was spurred to write on the superstitions based on a little article written in our local "paper" (as a two page print job isn't a real paper) on said superstitions. Hopefully you'll at least get a chuckle and maybe learn something new! And, you never know just how close to the truth some of these may really be...

1.) If a candle goes out on its own on Halloween, it is thought that a ghost has come to call.
2.) A burning candle inside of a jack-o-lantern on Halloween keeps evil spirits away.
3.) You invite bad luck into your home if you allow a fire to burn out on Halloween.
4.) A person born on Halloween can both see and talk to spirits. (Any Halloween birthday readers out there?? I would be curious on your view of this one!)
5.) Seeing a spider on Halloween could be the spirit of a dead loved one that is watching over you.
6.) If you hear footsteps behind you on Halloween, don't look back because it could be the dead following.
7.) Carry a lump of bread in your pocket when walking in the dark to serve as an offering to ghosts.
8.) Don't look at your shadow in the moonlight on Halloween night. If you do, you will die within a short period of time.
9.) When a person lived a good life, flowers will grow on their grave. If they were evil, weeds will grow.
10.) Never slam a door; otherwise, you could hurt a ghost and risk a haunting.
11.) Holding your breath while driving by a cemetery keeps evil spirits from entering your body. (I actually heard this one as a child!)
12.) If a bat flies around a house three times, it is a death omen.
13.) Ringing a bell on Halloween will scar evil spirits away. (not far off on that!)
14.) Knock on wood to keep bad luck away.
15.) A bat that enters a home may have been let in by a ghost.

What superstitions have you heard? Do you know any that are so steeped in truth that you can't help but laugh?

Black cat AND a ladder? Damn we're in trouble! LOL!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Unseen House Wife Witchery

I have been a stay at  home wife and mother for almost two years now... two years on December 1st to be exact. In those two years I have finished my degree, fine tuned how to manage the house (or how to at least beat it back every now and again), and I'm now getting ready to send my husband to the sandbox for the second time.

Now, while I'm sitting here typing this, I can tell you that there is a load of clean dishes in the dishwasher that need to be put away, laundry that needs to be folded, and a variety of other chores that I could be doing. While these are all part of my "job description" I've decided that if they've been in there for a while already, they can wait a bit longer. =)

Anyway- I did title this entry about house wife witchery, and the specific thing in mind when I started writing wasn't dishes or laundry, but painting.

With Stephen getting ready to leave again, I have slipped into my old ways of going manic on the house, as it keeps my mind and hands busy and not brooding over unpleasantness. My pet project at the current moment is my guestroom. I decided to move some things around so I can set up a comfortable working area to keep my sewing stuff set up without having to move it around and store it constantly. As I'm moving things and cleaning up the general mayhem of my craft shelves, I got to looking at the walls... now, we have painted several rooms of the house, but the guestroom is not one of them. The more I got to looking at the white walls, the more I started hating them. Well, one thing led to another, and next thing I know, I have all these color samples tapped up to the wall. Every time I walked into the room, I would look at them, and over the course of the day, I eliminated the ones that didn't "speak" to me. Eventually, I ended up with a pale, misty blue (called Midwinter Sky) and a golden sand color (called Summer Sandcastle). I went and got the paint this morning. =) As I was standing there waiting for the colors to mix, it dawned on me that my mind, even when I'm not consciously calling forth the magic, settled on the two colors that spoke of peace and calm, while my heart and body are going absolutely crazy and really starting to feel the stress. It helped me to see that, even when I don't feel like I'm doing life "right" or when I'm feeling overwhelmed, my magic is always there, even when it is something as seemingly simple as choosing paint for a room. Talk about comfort right there!

Just thought I would share!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The feeling of Fall...

Two nights ago was one of those great nights where the clouds rolled in, the temperature dropped, and we got some nice fall rain while we stayed cozy inside with a nice fire roaring. I don't wish for rain everyday, but on that day it was the perfect thing.
Our falls here in Western Idaho are fickle... sometimes already cold and sometimes too warm to really be fall. We've been wavering back and forth between crisp, cool days and days in the mid 70's that feel closer to the mid 80's. I suppose that is typical of this place too...90 degree's one day, 30 the next. I don 't think we have too many of the warmer days in front of us. In fact, a quick weather check shows a steady decline from low 70's to the mid to low 50's by Samhain.

Why am I talking about weather? Well, to be quiet honest, it's because it is one of my most favorite things about fall. Watching the leaves change and being able to see my breath on the air when I take Jae to school in the morning is a small miracle to me.

This weekend we will be going on our annual pumpkin liner trip... We get to go on a train and ride the rail by the river before arriving at a cute little set up in the mountains and picking our pumpkins. We've done it ever year since Jae was born, the first being when she was only a month old, and this is one tradition I'll be sad to leave behind when we finally move out of Idaho.

I hope the rest of you on the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying and savoring your fall, as it always seems to go too quickly. For those of you on the Southern side of the world, I hope your days are finally starting to warm up!

This picture made me laugh...

Friday, October 14, 2011

A fond farewell!

Sorry on my absentee status... the family and I were taking a well deserved vacation in the Southern Caribbean. =)

Tonight marked the transition of me stepping down from my position with the circle and moving my "replacement" into that spot. I think the ritual went well... Essentially, everyone showed up and was brought in half way through a ritual already in progress. My replacement and I began our work at 6:30, which consisted of setting up, talking over everything, casting the circle, and spending some quality time in meditation with the elements and the Divine. The meditation was much needed and provided some great insight and triumph, as well as strength and guidance to both of us... not to mention one hell of an endorsement by Gaia and Cernunnos for Bill! Once everyone was brought in, I took about 10 minutes to thank everyone for coming even though they had no idea what was going on, and then to explain that my time with the circle had come to an end and that it was now Bill's turn to take on the leadership role and help the circle and its members continue to thrive and grow. After I finished speaking, Bill said his few words and then he made his oath to me, as well as the circle that he would do right by them, etc. When all was said and done, I had him cut me out of the circle, and after I crossed the threshold, I bowed to everyone, told them I loved them, then I turned around and left without looking back. Oddly, it was easy to not look back. I came home and sent out a quick email to everyone, since not all of our members were able to be there tonight, and now I'm sitting here typing this.

I suppose I will go make some nice pumpkin spice tea and go treat myself to some nice book time.

Love and blessings to you all!