Monday, October 21, 2013

The Sea Witch

The Sea Witch- by my FB friend MitchtheWitch Petruk

With sultry beauty, ribbons framing her face
She slowly glides across the sand
the wind caressing her gown with grace.
The "Sea Witch" as she is called by some
she gently speaks in a whisper
spinning her spells when sailors come.

Standing in the moonlight or the pelting rain
she can be seen weaving her magick
for those to find love and healing the pain.
This is the beautiful and mysterious girl
who haunts his nights and intrudes his days
all for the price of a sailor's pearl.

Thoughts come not and sleep is not found
This girl, this whirlwind, is forever on his mind
For she is his love and he is spell-bound.
On a cliff he finds her, over-looking the sea
a smile for him as she takes his hand
the Witch and the sailor forever fly free.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Holy Hell Batman!

WOW what I busy-ass week. I apologize for my absence, but I had a midterm to tend to, among my regularly scheduled, NEVER ENDING list of "to-do's". I swear  to you, if I have to do one more load of laundry, I may lose it. Fortunately I don't have one to do... I have about 5. *headdesk*

However, I'm sure you really don't want to hear me piss and moan about the enormous amount of laundry I have to do (tomorrow).

So, in one of my last entries (, I wrote about lacking witch-y companionship here in the local area... About a week after I wrote that entry, I made a new friend. =) While it isn't someone here in the local area, I happened to be in the right place at the right time on Facebook (go figure, right) in which a group of pagans (from all paths) were discussing a sort of item exchange. Now, before a bunch of up-tight ninnies got there panties in a twist about it, I managed to get my two cents added in which was taken notice by several people. One of them, a nice gal from Great Britain, sought me out privately because of it. Since then, we have started up a sort of pen pal thing. For one, we're writing actual letters- you know, the ones that require paper and pen and go in envelopes. Secondly, this is my first  time really talking to and getting to know a witch from another country; something I am immensely excited about.

Aside from all that, life goes on daily around here.

My hubby and I went into the mountains with our kiddo's today and cut up some large pieces of willow that had been burnt, twisted beautifully, and sadly killed in the forest fire that ravaged our country side a few months ago. I am greatly looking forward to transforming these beautiful pieces into permanent pieces of art in the coming dark months.

Does anyone have plans for the coming New Moon? My daughter is beginning her lessons at that time, so she is anxiously awaiting for the New Moon to appear. =)

Blessings of Isis and Donn to you and yours.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mabon Celebrations...

With having a five year old, a three month old, and a husband who was working today, I had to rack my brain with ideas of a good way to celebrate the harvest that will keep both kiddos entertained, but still be fitting for the day... And it finally came to me, a harvest!!! While we only have veggies in our home garden, there are several orchards within an easy driving distance that allow people to come in and pick their own fruit.

Today my kids and I met up with my mom and grandma at the apple orchards, where we were able to go in and pick our own fruit and what turned into a perfect fall day. It was a beautiful drive, and while my husbands absence was deeply felt, I was able to enjoy the day and the time spent with the rest of my beautiful family. With the good we procured today, I will be making/canning applesauce for the first time ever tomorrow, and I will be adding the peppers I also purchased from them to the spicy pickles (from our garden) that I will also be canning tomorrow.

Tonight, once my oldest is in bed (as the baby is already asleep) I will be having my own small ritual, something I am greatly looking forward to!

Mabon Blessings from my family to yours! =)
Yup, we really are a bunch of nuts!!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

kindred spirit

I  am a part of many online communities for those that follow the pagan path,  which ever one it may be.  I  know some people in those groups from past circles here,  and some are new  acquaintances.  Tonight,  as I was partaking in a discussion on the use of magic in certain situations, I  realized how much I miss having a magical family here.  For the most part,  all those I  knew,  trusted and practiced with have moved on (the way of the military),  and the few that remain I  rarely see,  as we are all forever busy it seems. I  love being a solitary witch,  but I  dearly miss the friendship and companionship of having a like mind to talk with,  craft with,  and work beautiful magic with.

*le sigh*

Monday, September 16, 2013

Teaching a child the way of a Witch

My daughter just turned 5 a week ago... and it seems with that birthday came a sudden vigorous interest in the goddess again. I had maintained the stance of telling her what I'm doing and why whenever she was awake/around for my magical workings, knowing that she would let me know when she was ready for hands on learning instead of me just yakking at her. Since that time appears to have hit, I have begun preparations. Now, my girl loves problem solving games, especially when there are "rewards" after. She is freakishly smart, and learns quickly, but giving her an incentive for learning makes it fun (for both of us). Last week, I drew a compass with chalk out on our back porch. As I drew, I explained the directions and what elements correspond with them. We talked and talked and talked some more about it, even branching out into what time of day goes where on the compass. Eventually, I told her that if she was really ready and wanting to learn, we would start. When she told me that she wanted to, I told her that, when she could remember the directions and the correspondences we had discussed, she would get an altar table. Wouldn't you know it, by Sunday she knew all the directions, the elements, and even what corner we would typically put our altar in for a circle (we put ours in the East). So,  after a bit of cleaning and rearranging, we cleared out the Eastern corner of her room, and she set up her altar table. Now, this table is very special, as it was my very first altar table as well, and it feels so amazing to have passed it down to my little witchlet.
Of course, after we got it all set up, my daughter asks, "Where is the stuff I get to put on it?" Ohhhhhh smart kid. And this is where we are at- she will earn things for her altar after she passes each lesson. I gave her the option of starting with the full moon, or waiting until the new moon- she opted to wait. With the dark part of the year quickly approaching, it will be the perfect time to stay cozy inside and work on hands on learning lessons, which will include her making her own wand. =)
And so it begins, my daughter will be the first in my line to be a hereditary witch. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Musings and a question

So, I have a question for all my blogger-ites out there...

Have any of you ever had someone very dear to you suddenly walk out of your life, with real no explanation, then show up again suddenly after a good deal of time? What do you do? This person was my dearest friend in the world, one of few I can remember past lives with and that I cared for like a sister. She was my priestess. Last November, she just up and left. When I asked why, the answer I received was vague and has, to this day, left a hole in me. Recently, she has reappeared in my life through mutual friends. And while I have been hesitant of direct contact, I finally decided that if I did not ask the one question that has threatened to eat me alive, I would never be able to lay her absence in my life to rest. Who ever said that two people needed to walk the same path in order to be friends? I have yet to receive a reply, but am sure I will over the next few days. Perhaps it is foolish of me, but I felt that I had to relieve the weight of this from my chest once and for all, regardless of the outcome. I would like to lay it to rest at Samhain, so that I can start the new year with a fresh outlook and a healed, though scared, wound from the loss of her in my life.

Have any of you ever experienced this? What did you do? As I recently explained, I don't have many close friends, which means that those I consider such are so special to me that I feel as though a part of me broke with her departure, especially at that point in my life. I'll just be glad to have closure.. even if we never speak again.

Friday, September 13, 2013

The urge to Bite, Scream, and Curse people into oblivion.

For the most part, I am a live and let live kind of person. I don't have a lot of close friends, and those that are, I treasure. I prefer it that way. I don't do maintenance- when I'm busy, I'm busy- I'll be around when and if I can find time. Those that have stuck around, know that I hold true to that, even if we go months without talking because I'm always off working on something or chasing down a child, driving to doctors appointments or whatever else my busy life entails. Now, while my friends are few and far between, I know a rather unfortunate amount of people. I maintain a stance of not getting involved with their lives because, quite frankly, I have enough to be getting on with and my own life and have no time to concern myself with theirs. However, if the choices of these individuals start to effect my life, bitches best watch out because I will fix the issue in whatever way it needs to be, forcefully if necessary. Luckily, these situations don't often occur. Now is not one of those times though. There is a woman, one I wish I didn't know and who shall remain nameless, that is acting in away that is not only effecting me, but effecting my family and my ability to provide for them in the best way possible. This is not the first time this woman has done so either. Aside from wanting to beat her and curse her into a blob of snot, I have finally hit the point where magic is about to fly, some of which will not be pretty, and I will MAKE her fix her shit and leave us the hell alone. The full moon is on the 19th- game on after that. I have put together a few wonderful spells that I am working on collecting a few odds and ends for, but the main ingredient is my four thieves vinegar, which is one of the best brews I've ever made. It is so handy, for so many things!

Now, before I close this out, I would like to say that not only do I acknowledge, but I rejoice in those of you who follow the Wiccan Rede "And harm ye none, do what ye will". I however do not fall into this category and will occasionally rip someone a new one with every ounce of magical ability that I have within me. So, it is perfectly acceptable if you have read this and do not agree with my course of action, but it is  also not open to debate and opinion (at this time), respectfully. =)