Sunday, December 18, 2011

Warning- rant on e-cards.. may offend those that like to use them!

YUP. E-cards. Ok, so I get that sometimes it's nice to send out a fun little "hey I was thinking about you" message... and in these cases, using an "e-card" is acceptable as it's much more fun than just an email. But, let me make something clear, the use of e-cards for birthdays, holidays, anniversary's and the like is just rude. I said it. RUDE. Oh, and let's not forget the fact that everyone in your address book got the same cheesy, "I hope you have a great holiday season. Love, X, X, X, and X" message in the card. I understand that it's the same thing when you MAIL a card to someone, but at least when you mail a card, that means you took the time to actually, with your own hand, write in the card, address each envelope and affix a stamp to it. They may be standard across the board, but at least you took time with each individual one instead of hitting "copy/paste" and "send"after filling in a few blanks to make sure that everyones names are on the card.

The point- e-cards suck and are a very distanced, disjointed way of wishing someone any type of happy holiday. To the person that sent that damn thing (though I highly doubt you'll ever see this blog), take me off your damn mailing list. To everyone else, sorry you had to "listen" to my feelings about these atrocious things.


  1. Sorry you were offended by the sender. However I disagree that it's rude. I don't know about others habits, but when I send out a card I take the time to find the perfect one and write an extra message in it. I don't have addresses for all my friends and I can't afford to do normal mail right now anyway. Times are tough. So I'd just take it as the good gesture it was meant to be.

  2. I guess I should have clarified- this is a person I've known and practiced with for almost 6 years. The e-card was rude, coming from her. If times are that tough, she could have called or done something more personal- even a facebook message!- than a group "Happy Holidays" (happy holidays as to not offended those that do not follow/believe a pagan path) ecard.
    Kudos to you for taking the time to make your cards something nice, I really appreciate that. Unfortunately, my experiences with getting ecards are always negative ones and never fail to leave a bad taste in my mouth. =(

  3. I have to say, I agree with you... (hi new follower here! lol) I hate ecards. I get them every year around Christmas. I send them out to family and friends, we do the whole cheesy family photo thing. LOL
    We are all much too reliant on the internet and digital communication.