Monday, June 6, 2011

Seriously folks?

Ok, so I'm just getting caught up on all this insane "spiritual warfare" nonsense that has been claimed because of Top 25 Mom Faith Blogs contest on Circle of Moms (click here ---> ). I'm really dumbfounded. I mean, seriously? So much for reflecting the love of Christ through the actions of self.

So, here's the skinny... I'm not going to repeat the same thing that a lot of other bloggers have already covered, but this is what I have for you in a nut shell....

We live in a big world. HUGE. Guess what...? We all have different beliefs. Yup, I said it. DIFFERENT BELIEFS. The best part- You don't have to like it!! ....but dammit be nice to each other. I don't give a crap if you think you're Satan incarnate and it is your job to consume one of every alcoholic beverage and every drug out there during your life. I also don't care if you believe you are the latest profit of God here to spread the message about how the world was really created. WHO CARES?! Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, just as they are entitled to have those beliefs respected (no matter how much you don't like them or how silly you think they are). So to all my awesome readers (and those that come with an open mind!!), I love you and I pray and rejoice that your path is perfect for you. To all the haters that are more concerned about Faith bashing then actually representing the god(s) you follow, how about you grow up and go do some real good self-reflection so that you may learn from the error of your ways... When you can be serious and act as Christ or whomever (..cause remember WWJD?) would act, then maybe I'll view you as something more than the irritating rock in my shoe. Ignorance is not an excuse. Go learn something about those that you so adamantly despise. You just might learn something about yourself in the process (like maybe being a decent human being to people that don't meet your religious criteria?).

Good night and blessings to all!

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  1. It's just frightening what's been going on.