Monday, June 6, 2011

What the bloody fuck?

So, it's just been when of those stupid days that makes you think "What the fuck?!". The day started with a phone call from an old circle member who recently moved away. Apparently her school books were mailed to her old address and she asked if I would go pick them up and forward them on. No biggie. Drove by her house and the books weren't there. Wait... the books aren't there?! Yeah- no idea where they ended up, but they were no where to be found. Followed up that whole deal with a bombshell of an email from another circle member talking about how they needed someone to talk to because of marital issues that were going on. Mind, the couple in question are both friends of mine, so that's a not-so-fun position to be put in, but as a circle leader, it's one of my responsibilities. So, listening to my friend talk and discovering that they have been feeling this way for almost five years. Are you kidding me?! So now, I'm chatting with my friend and talking about options. They call their spouse and talk to them for awhile.. then the spouse contacts me. LOVELY. "He just told me he loves me but feels no emotional connection to me!!!" Well shit. So, I asked, "Do you love him?" Of course the answer was yes, so I told her the same thing I had essentially told him (just with a lot fewer words)... if you love him, then work on the problems with him. I have yet to hear back from her, and I think she may be more upset that he spoke to me before her... I don't know. I know that those two have given me a headache. *sigh* Moving on... so, after those two issues, I get a call from yet another circle friend saying that the doctors have ordered an MRI for her because they believe she has a blood clot and/or tumor in her brain. OH MY FUCKING GOD CAN THIS DAY GET ANY WORSE?! Yes, as a matter of fact it can. Stephen and I managed to make it through dinner without any incidents, but the phone rang almost immediately after we finished... now, for those of you who read my last post, you know I was gone all last week to tend to a death in the family. A bit more detail- it was my husband's uncle... one of two on his mother's side. We got back very late on Saturday night. Well, his mom called tonight to let us know that his other Uncle passed away today. Now, you're probably staring at the computer screen in disbelief, because DAMN. But, as much as I wish it were just some sick joke, it's not. My mother-in-law went from having two siblings to being an only child in a two week period. Stephen has told me that for the rest of the night we're not allowed to answer the phone or any emails sent our way because he refuses to let any more crazy into the house. =) Oh, but let's not forget that I got an email from my dear friend (in response to the prayer request I sent out for our friend with the head problem) that she and her husband were feet away from a drive by shooting this week. Oh, and of course, let's not forget the other circle member who ran out of pain meds and was in such pain today that she couldn't move and got into a fight with her wife and told me she might have to camp out with me for a few days. *MASSIVE SIGH* This day just needs to be over now... I think it's time for some migraine pills! And I'm off...

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