Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sleepless in Idaho...

Well, it's 11:30pm and here I am... sitting in front of the computer because I can't sleep. Yes, I know that 11:30 isn't late for many, but for me, it is well past my bedtime. I decided, since I can't seem to get my brain to shut down long enough to attempt to sleep, that I would come write out everything that is on my mind...

In 30 minutes, millions of people on MST will be enjoying the midnight viewing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2. Lucky bastards. I remember when I use to be energetic enough to deal with the crowds and madness of midnight showings... it been awhile now. =) As it stands though, I can't wait to go see that movie, which I intend to do next week when it won't be quite so hectic (crowds make me extremely nervous now for whatever reason).

My hubby will be leaving for CST training in just over 3 months, before leaving the states on a six month deployment to the sandbox. He and I have a lot of things happening in the next 3 months... two vacations- one to Philadelphia, PA (1 week) and the other to San Juan (2 weeks), my graduation, his birthday, our daughters birthday, two camping trips, Goddess Fest, sabbats, and a myriad of other things. It is going to be insane. When he gets home next June, we plan on putting the house up for sale... the market is still shitty around here and we would rather the house sell while he is still active duty than us have to sit on a mortgage payment for a year after he retires and we move away. This is largely what has been on my mind... I think that I will go get us a storage room at the beginning of next month, so that we can start packing things and putting them away slowly over the next year, this way the house will be easier to maintain when it is open for walk throughs. I'm also hoping that, prior to his departure, we can finish getting the tile in the upstairs bathroom put on the wall (a decorative border by the tub), though I don't know if time will allow for that... After he returns we will also need to complete the downstairs bathroom remodel, the few minor finishes to the wood flooring we put in, as well as other standard maintenance. At some point, new carpet will also need to go into the few places that still have carpet. I'm so thankful my parents live close by, as my dad is a whizz with house repairs and fix ups! I would like to have a massive yard sale next July/August as well... the less I have to pack up and move, the happier I will be.

My mom and I are suppose to be finding an official location for the bakery this fall/winter as well. The goal is to have the bakery up and running 6 months prior to Stephen retiring... then we won't have to worry about the "in between time". He can retire, and we'll already have an income source without him needing to find a job. He can come be happy and bake, like he has expressed the desire to do. On that note, I am forever in need of guinea pigs when it comes to new baking experiments. If you would like to be one, please let me know. Mom and I want to do mostly cookies, with select pastries, muffins, and other treats. This won't be your sit down barista type of bakery, but the walk in, buy what you need, maybe get a cup of regular coffee, tea, or soda, and head back out. There was a bakery like  that where I went to high school. You could never go there without it be packed. It was still like that when I went back to visit in March. Anyway... the next cookie on my experiment list is called "breakfast on the go". Not like those Oatmeal on the go cookies though... this one will be WAY different, including, but not limited to, having bacon in it. Yup, bacon. YUMMY! I'm looking forward to being done with school and having the time to back something new everyday.

I think that about sums up everything that has been circling my brain... hopefully I will be able to go get some sleep now. Sweet dreams to everyone out there.

Blessings both light and dark.

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