Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Amish Country Love

Well, it's taken me a bit longer to write this particular entry than I was hoping, but better late than never right?!

Early this month, the family and I went to Philadelphia, PA to visit with all my husbands family and friends. We were there for a week and did a lot of things, but the days that stand out most to me are the ones we spent in Amish Country. I've been out to PA several times in the five years we've been married, but never had we traveled into Lancaster County, which houses areas like Ronks, Strasburg, and Intercourse (yes- that is truly the name... I'm also told there are others, 5 total I think, like Blue Ball), Pennsylvania. I digress... We spent a lot of time out there, and several separate day trips. We enjoyed the local cooking, and visited an Amish Village. My favorite though- the Quilt Shops. I had never taken a true interest in quilts. I find  the nice looking, and something I certainly don't have the patience to do myself. However, walking through the shops and looking at the pieces don't completely by hand... not the machine made knockoffs we have out here... has changed my opinion on a large scale. I originally set off on my adventure to find a quilt for my mom, who has always had a fondness for them and has purchased several from antique stores. I want to find a nice throw sized quilt for her... something to snuggle under with a good book during some down time. This is the one I found for her-
This quilt spoke to me in so many ways. This was the ONLY quilt I found in the store with this material and pattern.. really, I was dumbstruck by the beauty and feel of it. After finding this one and deciding to go with it, I looked through the stores section for king size quilts (as I have a king size bed!) I wasn't looking to buy, but I wanted to see. Apparently that nice Mennonite woman who made the quilt I picked for mom has designs and energy that speak to me and resonate within me, as every quilt I picked out was one she had made. Mom's quilt was purchased the first time we went to the Quilt shop, and that night I dreamt of mom's quilt and a king size one I had also looked at... In the end, I did pick a king size quilt and bought it (the one that was in my dream), only to have my mother-in-law give me a check for it as a happy graduation, anniversary, and merry Christmas present. Due to it's size, we had it shipped here, and boy let me tell you how excited I was the day it arrived!
Isn't she beautiful?? The "name" (of the design) on her tag was Hailey's Comet. There is a comfort to crawling into bed at night and feeling the weight of this quilt cocoon my body and keep me warm. I now have plans to buy a new quilt every year when we go back to PA. I think, should the other king size quilt I found and also love not be there, I will get a nice queen size quilt for our guest bedroom. Jae will get one as well... when she's a few years older. =)

There is a magic to these quilts... the love and energy put into them by the designers is a tangible thing. I would highly suggest a trip to Amish Country if you find yourself back east... you may be surprised at the magic you find surrounding your every move.. whether it be in the home style cooking that abounds there, the craftsmanship of all handmade items, or simply in walking through the lush green that rules the area. It is well worth the trip for the soothing calm it gives the soul.

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