Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Simple Magics

While I have many things to write about, I would like to tell you a story of some simple magic that happened this past weekend....

My house is currently under going a face lift.. the entire fence is being replaced. With having four dogs, that ensures a lot of walks. Over the weekend, my hubby and I would each take a dog and walk them, and Jaelynn, to the grassy ball park just down the road. Three sides of it are fenced in, so we can take them down to the far end and let them off the leash to run. On our way, Jae likes to pick a small flower to play with. On this particular trip, she decided to leave the flower for Gaia as we left the park to go home. She very deliberately put the flower in the grass and left it there. Later that afternoon, when we took the first round of dogs back to the park, we stepped into the park to discover that there were wild patches of flowers everywhere! As we had been using the park routinely for sometime, I can say with certainty that there had never been flowers there before. EVER. I can't even begin to tell you how thrilled Jaelynn was that all her flowers were there. I told her that Gaia must have loved her gift and decided that the park needed more flowers. Every time we've gone back since, there have been flowers there for Jae to play with. And every time we go, she picks two... one for her altar and one to leave at the base of the tree she likes at the park.

Let us never forget the beauty of simple magic...

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  1. beautiful post!! thanks for sharing your bit of magic!

    hugs n love!