Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Superstitions

I know there is a lot I could write on when it comes to Halloween and Samhain.... However, I was spurred to write on the superstitions based on a little article written in our local "paper" (as a two page print job isn't a real paper) on said superstitions. Hopefully you'll at least get a chuckle and maybe learn something new! And, you never know just how close to the truth some of these may really be...

1.) If a candle goes out on its own on Halloween, it is thought that a ghost has come to call.
2.) A burning candle inside of a jack-o-lantern on Halloween keeps evil spirits away.
3.) You invite bad luck into your home if you allow a fire to burn out on Halloween.
4.) A person born on Halloween can both see and talk to spirits. (Any Halloween birthday readers out there?? I would be curious on your view of this one!)
5.) Seeing a spider on Halloween could be the spirit of a dead loved one that is watching over you.
6.) If you hear footsteps behind you on Halloween, don't look back because it could be the dead following.
7.) Carry a lump of bread in your pocket when walking in the dark to serve as an offering to ghosts.
8.) Don't look at your shadow in the moonlight on Halloween night. If you do, you will die within a short period of time.
9.) When a person lived a good life, flowers will grow on their grave. If they were evil, weeds will grow.
10.) Never slam a door; otherwise, you could hurt a ghost and risk a haunting.
11.) Holding your breath while driving by a cemetery keeps evil spirits from entering your body. (I actually heard this one as a child!)
12.) If a bat flies around a house three times, it is a death omen.
13.) Ringing a bell on Halloween will scar evil spirits away. (not far off on that!)
14.) Knock on wood to keep bad luck away.
15.) A bat that enters a home may have been let in by a ghost.

What superstitions have you heard? Do you know any that are so steeped in truth that you can't help but laugh?

Black cat AND a ladder? Damn we're in trouble! LOL!

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