Saturday, January 28, 2012

A comment that made my night

This, for most, may seem like a random post. For those of you who know or can guess at how I feel about my numerous tattoos, this will probably make a bit more sense... =)

So, last night, I was over at a friends house having a play date night with all of our kids together enjoying pizza, brownies and mani/pedi time. I happened to be wearing a tank top, despite the chill, because it never fails that a house full of four kids under the age of 10 gets pretty damn hot quickly. On these nights, my friend and I also use our time to develop skills that are being newly discovered for them, such as telepathy as well as working on setting up a meditation time and developing that ability more fully. At some point during that time, I was laying still, grounding myself, and my friend came up to me and ran their finger over the violet tattoo on my shoulder. For my readers that have looked back through past postings, you'll see that I got that tattoo last March in memory of my grandmother who passed away unexpectedly and in the mist of pain-filled circumstance (see this entry: A Memorial). After doing that I asked the first thing that came to mind (which is usually the case as I rarely stop to think about my words when caught off guard!) which was, "Why do you like that tattoo so much?" The reply, "Because it's just so you." The idea that this tattoo, something that was filled with both love and loss, happiness and sorrow could be seen as so right for me really struck a chord in my heart, and the comment made me immeasurably happy.

Anyway, I just thought I would share this solitary moment in my life which seems to be sticking out in my mind a lot...

Happy blogging!

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