Sunday, September 15, 2013

Musings and a question

So, I have a question for all my blogger-ites out there...

Have any of you ever had someone very dear to you suddenly walk out of your life, with real no explanation, then show up again suddenly after a good deal of time? What do you do? This person was my dearest friend in the world, one of few I can remember past lives with and that I cared for like a sister. She was my priestess. Last November, she just up and left. When I asked why, the answer I received was vague and has, to this day, left a hole in me. Recently, she has reappeared in my life through mutual friends. And while I have been hesitant of direct contact, I finally decided that if I did not ask the one question that has threatened to eat me alive, I would never be able to lay her absence in my life to rest. Who ever said that two people needed to walk the same path in order to be friends? I have yet to receive a reply, but am sure I will over the next few days. Perhaps it is foolish of me, but I felt that I had to relieve the weight of this from my chest once and for all, regardless of the outcome. I would like to lay it to rest at Samhain, so that I can start the new year with a fresh outlook and a healed, though scared, wound from the loss of her in my life.

Have any of you ever experienced this? What did you do? As I recently explained, I don't have many close friends, which means that those I consider such are so special to me that I feel as though a part of me broke with her departure, especially at that point in my life. I'll just be glad to have closure.. even if we never speak again.


  1. I've definitely had that happen to me. I never did receive a straight answer, and I later discovered (painfully) that the person was toxic. I believe the Universe/Gods/Mystery (insert your label here) was protecting me from disaster.
    Sometimes, it's just best to lay something to rest even if you don't have a reason why. My two cents. May this coming season bring you a fruitful harvest!

  2. I didn't end up getting a detailed answer, but I can at least rest easy knowing that I did not wrong her in some way, which was my biggest fear. Our parting still stands, but I can be at peace with it now. :-)