Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mabon Celebrations...

With having a five year old, a three month old, and a husband who was working today, I had to rack my brain with ideas of a good way to celebrate the harvest that will keep both kiddos entertained, but still be fitting for the day... And it finally came to me, a harvest!!! While we only have veggies in our home garden, there are several orchards within an easy driving distance that allow people to come in and pick their own fruit.

Today my kids and I met up with my mom and grandma at the apple orchards, where we were able to go in and pick our own fruit and what turned into a perfect fall day. It was a beautiful drive, and while my husbands absence was deeply felt, I was able to enjoy the day and the time spent with the rest of my beautiful family. With the good we procured today, I will be making/canning applesauce for the first time ever tomorrow, and I will be adding the peppers I also purchased from them to the spicy pickles (from our garden) that I will also be canning tomorrow.

Tonight, once my oldest is in bed (as the baby is already asleep) I will be having my own small ritual, something I am greatly looking forward to!

Mabon Blessings from my family to yours! =)
Yup, we really are a bunch of nuts!!

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  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate Mabon! I had hoped that my family and I would get to go wildcrafting, but my husband ended up working. Instead, the kiddos and I played outside all day. Merry meet and blessed be!