Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Magic, Magic in the air...

Please, before I start, someone tell me that they also "time warp" when doing a ritual! I have no idea how and hour and a half slipped by when I SWEAR it was only, like 30 minutes! ;)

Tonight I performed a new ritual... At the moment, I don't want to go into a full blown detail account, so I'm going to give the "in a nut shell" explanation.

Over time, I have developed some potentially hazardous relationships. At the time, they seamed normal enough, but in retrospect it was a bad road to be walking down and, once I saw that, I ended it. Tonight, I decided that I needed to cleanse myself of these relationships with more than words and thoughts, but also symbolically. I am a huge fan and lover of symbolic actions, and I believe that symbolism has the same power as thought. So, I gathered some paper, a black marker and a "token" (I only had a token from one person, not the two involved, but you go with what you got!) I wrote out the names and spoke my words of power... typically I let these come to me on the spot and often don't write out anything before hand (although I will in a case where it is something big that I have a lot of prep work for). Then I asked for the memories to always be fond but the knowledge that, unless destined otherwise, our paths will remain parted in this life. Then I took my paper and my token and tossed them into the fire (which was ROARING by this point because of the chants and dancing I had done to raise energy) and watched them burn as a reminder to myself of what it costs not only me, but those around me when I do not guard myself, my choices, and lines end up being blurred or crossed (no matter what line or who it was set by) when they shouldn't be. Lessons must always be learned in life, sometimes they just suck more than other ones.

I don't often write out my spell work, and I can't deny being a bit nervous about this post... it's that private side of me. =)

Anyway.. I'm feeling a bit tired now and I think I will go take a nice hot shower and go to bed.


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  1. I haven’t done a ritual in a while. It’s a good idea to exorcise our “demons” every once in a while. When a relationship ends the thread that connected us to that person needs to be severed. It’s a good and healthy thing to sever this thread so that both persons can move forward and grow new connections with others.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ve never paid attention to how much time went by when doing a ritual but the next time I do one, I will note how much time has passed.