Sunday, March 4, 2012

Under the Light of the Moon

Tonight, as I sat outside enjoying a few solitary and quiet moments of 'me time' I felt the urge to write- something that has avoided me like the plague here recently. So, join me in my moments of reflection while I sit on my front steps...
I sat down on my porch, looking up as I do every night to note the stars, the phase and course of the moon and the night air surrounds me. I realize that the moon is brighter tonight than it has been in awhile- most likely due to the beautifully warm day we had, followed by this cold and clear night. Looking at the moon, and seeing the way that it illuminates the earth around me, I see. I see that how the moon grows is how I find myself each day, and the way it lights things up tonight is a reflection of my own growing sight. With each passing day I see more, and have to wonder "what if" less. I am claiming myself and my gifts.The darkness is my friend, but the light of  the moon is a gift... As I sit and see, I note that my neighbors across the street have a candle burning in one of the bedrooms. It made me wonder if perhaps someone was enjoying a quiet moment of self reflection like me... or are they perhaps casting a spell or enjoying the touch of a lover? Who knows. The beauty of the moment is seeing the flame of the candle shine through the curtains that are used to shield ones-self from the outside world. Everyone's light shines through at some point. Then I look out at the house of the neighbor next to them- her front porch always reflects the colors and symbols of whatever holiday is approaching. Even now I smile at the bright green shamrock that is lighting her front window and the green light bulb in her porch light. She is always happy whenever I see her... perhaps she truly feels the lively spirit of each holiday as each holiday comes in and again departs.

Tonight is blissfully quiet.

The coming full moon is going to be potent I think.. I hope that everyone has a magical week in the days that lead to it.


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