Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The End of an Era

As a military veteran, and now a military wife, I have spent the better part of my adult life watching the ways of the military and standing proud and strong as I witness those that I care for be stripped of all the rights that the typical American civilian holds dear. I've lost my free speech, given up my family time in order to meet the demands of the military, and for a time, even gave up my religious freedom while we struggled to make the pagan path a recognized faith that was not treated unfairly or mocked by superiors. While I am proud of my service, and the service I continue to give by my husbands side, there are many things about the military that shame me and keep me praying for better.

Well, now I happily sit here and type that I am PROUD of what the government has done TODAY. Today marks the first time in which the motto and way of life bearing the brand "Don't ask, don't tell" has be repealed. My fellow service members and friends, many of whom have struggled to not lose themselves to the demands of the military, are now free to at least exercise one right that has been freely granted to the "average joe"... the right to be homosexual in the military AND have it acknowledged. I'm sure that there will be protests by military and civilian alike, but guess what guys, these people have been among us the whole time... they do their job, and adhere to the standards set by the government just like the rest of us! The only difference is now you KNOW they're gay/lesbian instead of just "having a feeling" about them. HA! Score one for the underdogs. =)

Congratulations to all the service members out there, regardless of current status (retired, active duty, veteran, etc.) on FINALLY being able to be true to your sexual preference! I applaud you and wish I could raise a glass with all of you to toast this historical day!

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