Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's been one of those weeks...

So, I've started and stopped several posts for my blog this week. It turned into a busy week to one of those utterly stupid weeks that makes you wonder home humanity has managed not to die off yet due to their own stupidity. Really, my faith in man kind has wavered a lot this week.

On a whim, I decided to see what today's Tarot had in store... and I came up with Justice. How fitting!

One hand holds a feather (symbolic of Ma'at and the weighing of the heart), the other holds scales, to show that her judgement will be fair. Justice wears no blindfold - nothing will be hidden from her.
Justice can be cold and implacable, but is scrupulously fair. It is a reminder that there are consequences to all of our actions, and that physical concerns must be balanced by spiritual growth. It can also mean a judgement in your favor, and that a turbulent time is coming to an end.

I don't know how this fits in with everyone elses life at the present moment, but for anyone that has read my blog for a bit, you know that my time with the circle I currently lead is coming to an end next month. The majority of the issues I have dealt with this week have stemmed from circle and this card is reminding me that my turbulent time is quickly coming to an end, and that I must remain fair and consistent until then (as much as I REALLY don't want to sometimes).

Anywho.. this is my little blurb for now. I'm sure there are a million thing I could right about, but all are presently escaping my mind.

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