Friday, September 9, 2011

Today = Terrible Three's

Well, today is my beautiful, sweet little girls third birthday... and I want to lock her in her room, put on some head phones and take a three hour bath while downing a bottle or two of wine. I swear, over the past week, it's like a switch has flipped and we've gone from having our "moments" to having constant meltdowns, tantrums, and back talking. I mean... HOLY SHIT. Stupid terrible three's.

Great Goddess, bestow upon me your strength and compassion so I do not go postal on my child for pointless and consistent temper tantrums and non-listening ears...

I can see I'll be talking to Kuan Yin and Isis a lot about parenting and how to keep what few shards of sanity I have left. =)

Happy Birthday Jaelynn!


  1. she's precious! It's been a LONG time since the 3's in our house but I do remember wishing I had a faucet for hot water, cold water and wine ;-)

  2. She's adorable. I have a 3 year old also, he turned 3 back in June and yes there are time when I definitely just want to lock him in his room and come back when he's a bit older.