Friday, April 8, 2011

For the sake of writting

So I was emailing with a friend today and had the realization that when I don't blog on a regular basis, my stress/level of distraction levels go up because of all the unnecessary clutter in my brain. Yup, I said it. BRAIN CLUTTER. Having come to this conclusion, I have decided to make a better effort to type everyday. Even it mean that I take a break from school (*gasp* I know, right). So, here I go!

I had the craziest dream back on Wednesday night, and the killer part is that I know its all true! I was leaving the building were we meet for circle, and, as usual, I was following behind everyone so I could lock up as we went. We had spent the lesson working on meditation and I was feeling GREAT! (Weird part is, that IS our lesson for this weekend... anyway...). We were all standing outside talking, and somehow we got onto the subject of flying. People were saying that flying was only possible in dreams or other realms and I remember looking at them and say no, the only this that keeps our feet planted on the ground is our own self doubt and inability to comprehend what we're capable of. So, to prove my point, I walked up to my car, climbed up to the hood, and just let go and jumped. There were some yells then a profound silence as I floated in the air, suspended by my own will and watched them collect themselves. I should point out that I didn't have "wings" but more of a opalescent shield around me. From there, I fell to my mom's house, and she didn't believe me when I told her why I didn't have the car with me, then I flew back home; that's the last thing I remember. For some reason (quite a few reasons actually) this dream was very profound to me. As it is, I rarely dream of flying, and the lesson was a strong one. We are our own worse enemy in life.
Just thought I'd share, as that dream has stuck with me all week.

Let's see.. what else...

Oh here's a fun one...
I have a girlfriend in Greece right now taking care of some military related stuff and we got to emailing back and forth the other day (I think it was yesterday morning), and she was telling me about this statue of Athena that she has acquired while on her trip. In return, I was telling her about some of my statuary (of Isis and Kuan Yin, respectively). She then asked me what statue I wanted from Greece, and she would send me one. Well, I had to stop and think about it for a bit because, while I know my Greek Mythology, I have never studied the path like I have others. So after a bit of reflection I decided on the Goddess Nyx. Now chances are that any book buff is going to jumped up and be like "Oh! She's from the House of Night Series!!" Yes, yes she is. However, while those being very good books (and with some amazing Wiccan/Pagan things in them that are accurate! Check it out here- Marked: A House of Night Novel) there is more to Nyx than what is seen in the book. As indicated by her name, she is the goddess of night, who was born of chaos, but is also the mother of light (among other things). The myth says the mother and daughter share a house together in the underworld while never seeing each other in it.
My thought behind that choice is easy. I have my goddess of light (Kuan Yin) and my goddess of balance (Isis), and it has actually been eating at me for a bit to find the prefect representation of the goddess of darkness. I could think of no better than Nyx (for me personally). My belief is that we all have a "dark" or "shadow" side that must be acknowledged, work with and through in order to start seeing our full potential in this life. My shadow side has been a battle at times, but I have finally gotten to the point that I can not only see it, but work with it when the time is right; so it is very important to me to have that representation.

Aside from the normal, I have taken up couponing. You know it. I've been impressed with how well it's gone (and how easily), so I'm excited to keep up with this! I actually can't wait to get my hands on the next Sunday Newspaper. =)

Well everyone, I do believe it's just about time to go brush and floss (because oral hygiene is VERY important), and head to bed! It's been nice to sit down and just write again. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I loved putting it all out there! Many blessings to you!

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