Saturday, April 2, 2011

Strange Circle Today

So for our weekly circle, today's lesson was the Science of Magic. A dozy right? Yup, I know. I gave everyone FOUR week (more technically) to prepare their part of the "lesson". I wasn't looking for anything massive, chalked full of huge words and complicated math problems... I just wanted everyones take on Science, Magic, and theories/experiments that have come to light and been preformed. At 11:30 last night, only one other person aside from myself had actually done a lesson. Awesome. So, I got up this morning and did a little bit of "war prep". It seems that every six month or so I have to have the same "I am not here to force-feed you and part of being on this path is learning new things and doing stuff for yourself instead of relying on everyone else" speech. So, as I'm getting ready to leave, I received a few text (all from my "problem children".. go figure), that they wouldn't be at circle today. Now, I know that sound shrewd, and I'm sorry, but after four years of the same "Oops I forgot" or "You know me, I'm an air child!" remarks, I have come to the realization that some people just don't give a shit. They're so comfortable in their lazy, stagnant spiritual life, that they expect everyone else to do all the "work" that is required of running a successful community circle. But Goddess help you if you say something incorrectly or what they believe to be a falsehood.. and they will immediately jump on you and make sure you and everyone else knows how and why you were wrong. Anyway, got to the annex and opened up our room with people filtering in shortly after. Amazingly, the majority of everyone had a lesson! I was anticipating a scary, get your poop in a group kind of circle, and it turned into a really nice lesson. =) That just goes to show that magic does happen!

Ok, rant over, and I feel better. Thanks for listening to me!


  1. Ah the life of a circle leader! Many of us have felt your pain, sweetie. Isn't it great to get a nice surpise like that?
    I always tell students who pull that "I won't be able to make it" excuse (because you're right- they aren't prepared so they aren't going to come) "that's okay. Those who are meant to be there today, will be :)" Gets the point across and reminds me that it actually is true- those who want to learn and grow, will do the work and bring forth the harvest :) Hugs! Hang in there!

  2. Kallan,

    Thanks for those words! I will have to remember them in the future if/when something like this goes down again. =)