Monday, April 11, 2011

When it rains, it pours. Dammit.

So, let me start by saying that I will be SO glad when today is over so I can just go to bed and try again tomorrow.

From the beginning-
We had a great circle on Saturday morning. Really, it was fantastic. There were 13 people there (which is AMAZING!) and we had a wonderful time with a meditation that was a journey to Avalon. I had everybody work on "getting into the zone" while some pretty music played before the start of the meditation. During that time, I felt the desire to cast a circle, so I went for it. It was funny to tell people, when we were done, not to walk out unless they had me cut a door. Some of them were like, when did you cast a circle and others said something like ah yes, I thought I felt the wave of energy go over, around and through us. Afterwards, we sat and talked while eating cantaloupe and Cinnamon roles (YUMMY) and went over the schedule for the next few weeks. That afternoon, I had a birthday party/going away to tend to. The gal that is getting ready to leave is one of our circle members, and also the person that first started the circle we had in town before the one on base was formed. Needless to say, being around that many people and having to see one of my oldest friends here leave was emotionally, mentally and physically draining. I was more than happy to crawl into bed that night.... until 2am hit and I was awoken by a scream from my daughters room. Congrats mommy, your daughter has caught the stomach virus that has been going around! *sigh* From that point on, a "slept" (riiighhhtttt... more like laid there waiting for the next heave) next to my daughter as she got hit with the need to toss her cookies every hour. Sunday was spent in a sleep deprived, must take care of the kiddo state, Oh, did I mention that Stephen is sick also? Yeah, let's not forget that. So, I went to bed last night, hoping to get some sleep, which of course didn't happen. Jae slept so much during the day that she did a lot of tossing and turning during the night and wouldn't sleep unless I was with her. This morning, mercifully she was feeling better and wanted to go to school. As per the morning, before school routine, I brought the puppies in to feed them and noticed a cut on my boy Poe's leg. I figured that he and his sister got to playing too rough again, so I gave them their food and grabbed a piece of gauze to clean it up. When I went to apply the gauze I saw not a cut as originally thought, but a V shaped piece of skin in the area between his stomach and back leg (much like the web between our thumb and finger) had been completely torn and was just hanging there. For the second time in the past two days I was thankful I have a strong stomach. I was even more thankful that Stephen had just called me to say he was coming home to rest (rest. HA!). By this point however, I was exhausted, crying, and starting to hyperventilate because I just couldn't handle anymore.

SO, the husband got home and took Jae to school with my car as I wrapped my badly shaking and mangled dog in a blanket and took him out to the truck. Mercifully the vet it close and they were able to get him in and out in just over and hour. He was sent home with antibiotics and the cone of shame, which he only has to wear when I can't keep an eye on him or if he starts licking at his stitches.
Here is the inside of his leg, and it is identical on the other side...

You know, I was suppose to have this morning off to catch up on much needed sleep. So much for that idea. Right now, my biggest hope is that I can make it through the rest of the day in one piece and now that three hard things have come to pass, I'll be done with this madness.


  1. oh that is a horrible start to the week UGH! Hope it gets better for you, sorry your friend is leaving on a base that has to be hard and happen a lot.
    I found out what the stone of my pendulum is, it is called Egyptian Amethyst Chevron.

  2. You know... I had a feeling that it was Amethyst of some sort. That purple with the white that wasn't see through is what I noticed...

    I have been lucky to only lose a few people over my military time, but it hurts every time regardless. It's even harder when there's a deep spiritual tie too.

    So far the day hasn't had anymore chaos. Hoping to have the kid go down to bed easy here in a minute and then I'll sit back and enjoy a well deserved Dr. Pepper. =)