Friday, April 29, 2011

How is it already Friday?

Well, my time warp continues, though I can't say it's been the magical kind that I normally enjoy!

I won tickets to go see Yanni in Concert on Saturday evening. I am a HUGE Yanni fan. My biological father brought my a video of his Live at the Acropolis [VHS] concert when I was 10, and I have loved his music ever since. This will be my fourth time being able to see him live. However, with that winning comes an extra busy week. The concert is in Salt Lake City, which is about four hours away. Since I'll be gone all weekend with the concert and our Beltane celebration, I had to get a midterm, final, and research project all done by today. Yea for Senior Level Classes! On top of all that, I lost all of Tuesday to deal with VA appointments, and I've got a retirement ceremony to be part of this afternoon. Somehow, I managed to finish up my final piece last night, which ended up being an 11 page crime scene evidence collection and analysis report followed by court room testimony. Added in with a midterm exam and a five page Forensic Odontology paper, my brain is officially fried. =) Enough about that though... you guys don't want to listen to me moan about my growing amount of school work. (Only two more classes left... YES!)

This Sunday my circle will be getting together for our Beltane celebration. We will have, for the first time ever, our own May Pole. I'm SUPER excited about this. I will never forget my first May Pole Dance. It's a memory that is permanently fused in my brain. I've also gotten my hands on some great music for the celebration.  Beltane: Songs for the Green Time is a really beautiful set of music for this time of year. I would totally recommend you check it out!

Last Tuesday I had coffee with Kat. (You know, the gal I wrote about in my last  two blogs). It was really great. I think that she and I have a very interesting path to walk together... to learn from and grown with. Shortly before my coffee with her, I stopped at one of the local "Metaphysical" stores, the Crones Cupboard. It had been a few month since I had been able to stop in, so I spent some time just walking around and checking it out. I had to restock some chime candles, since I always go through my white, black, and light blue ones really fast. As I was walking, I say this really pretty necklace with a wooden pendant with a rune on it. Now, I know squat about runes... I've never been able to use them well. Tarot cards and I do much better. Anyway, as soon as I saw this piece I loved it. It made me feel happy and sung to me. I left it on the rack though, just to see what I could feel from it by the time I was done. Well, by the time I was done with everything else, I still felt a draw to it. So, I went back, grabbed it, and looked at the tag to find out what it meant. This is what the tag said, "Raidho- the letter R in the Elder Futhark, it is a Norse Rune. It is the wheel. It's meaning is: journeys, path to spiritual fulfillment, surprises, good news, change in fortune. May it help bring you to your fulfillment!" I couldn't help but laugh as I read that, knowing I would be sitting down with Kat in less than 30 minutes. The world truly is a magical place!

I must be off now, I need to finish pack for this weekend before I have to go pick up the little one from school.

Brightest blessings, and in case I don't make it on Sunday, HAPPY BELTANE!


  1. My husband built a maypole for me! We had our party last night and it was a huge blast! We even untied the maypole after the first go round and did it again! It was so fun!!