Thursday, April 21, 2011

Funny how things work out...

Lately here I've been facing issues of feeling utterly alone on my path. Most days, that's a good thing, but I find that there are times when ever the teacher needs a teacher. Having begun my path as a solitary practitioner (as many of the pagan's a personally know have), I never understood the feeling and strength that comes with having a mentor. Well, when I joined my first circle back in 2007, it was more of meeting new people than meeting a teacher. However, when that circle joined with the newly formed base circle, I found a mentor and finally understood it's value. His name was Anthony and he taught me many, many thing- some new and others a re-discovery of what I had forgotten. Shortly before he moved away (good ol' military), I met a wonderful woman, Jennifer, and she became even more to me. From the get we were inseparable, even living together for awhile while the men of our lives were deployed. At any rate, Anthony left, and when he did he made the choice to change his path, which therefore, essentially, cut me out of it. It was a hard pill to swallow for a long time, and even now the loss of his friendship saddens me, but he made the choice, and it is one I must respect. Moving on... Jen and I are sisters. Truly. We can trace back to a very distant "past life" in which we were priestesses' together. We often laugh about the time she lived with me because almost every night, she would hear me turn off my shower which would be immediately followed by the sound of my scampering down the steps, which she knew meant that something had "come to me" while I was in the shower (appropriately dubbed my eureka place). Almost a year ago, she had to leave though, and moved to Washington (another military move). During our time together, I learned a lot, more than I've ever learned from one person before, and I continue to learn from her, but it's not the same as having her here. I'm sure that sounds strange, but we both have different lives now, which are lived in different areas, many many miles from each other. And no matter how much I know I can email or call her whenever and for whatever reason (or no reason at all!), it's just not the same as having someone I can sit down with over a cup of coffee and talk to, cry with, laugh with (or at.. haha), and spend time with.

This is where things get kind of funny in the cosmic 2x4 kind of way...

So, as I'm recounting all this to my hubby, and telling him that, as much as I love circle, there are times when I need someone I can talk to when I don't know or understand something too. So, he looks at me and says, "Well, why don't you call up that gal (Kat) who just did the festival to Diana? You've always liked her and talk about her with a lot of respect." Man, my hubby is smart. I waited a few days though... and not because I disliked the idea, but I had some reservations because of her being a very active part in another pagan community who, no disrespect intended, has a leader/founder than I don't agree with on many things- the biggest being what she teacher her students. That being said, to each their own, but I made the choice to keep some distance. Then, on Tuesday, I was sitting in a VA medical facility waiting for my doctor when I happened to check my email (thank goodness for the amazing power of a cell phone! LOL!). When I opened it, I saw an email from Kat saying that she was shutting down the meetup site for the circle of Diana. That afternoon, when I got home, I immediately shot her an email to find out what was going on- during which time I also explained that I had been wanting to contact her for a couple days and she'd been on my mind. I got any email from her later that night. Here is the opening part of the email-

I haven't used this email address for nearly a year.
And no matter what I did, I couldn't get away from the page.....I was truly meant to see your email tonight.
I love being a witch, and I love the way the Universe works......"

She then went on to tell me that she had left the other pagan organization and would love to get together for coffee...

Yes... Yes, it is awesome the way the Universe works. =)

I'm hoping to meet up with her next Tuesday in between appointments (yes, the VA is determined to make me work for my disability compensation).  While she does live an hour away, it's a heck of a lot closer than Washington, and when you have one of those days where you just need someone, I'll take 1 hour over 9 any day!

And that's my story on "Funny how things work out..."

More updates to follow!

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  1. That sounds so awesome! I hope she's everything you need her to be.