Friday, April 15, 2011

Hello Nyx... We meet again!

So, in one of my recent blogs I talked about needing a representation of Nyx on my altar, and that a friend of mine who is currently in Greece will be working on obtaining a statue of her for me. I swear to you, ever since I acknowledged that both in my head, heart, and to anyone who reads this blog, she has been EVERYWHERE. I mean, HOLY CRAP! Seriously, until it all clicked into place in my head, I was starting to think that I was loosing what little is left of my marbles (mainly dust now... I have to be careful to keep a stray wind from blowing it all away....). Then, the other night as I was standing in the shower (yup, that's a major spiritually active time for me, as I don't have a million other things to distract me!) I caught a glimpse of a "human figure" out of the corner of my eye. Now, we have sliding doors on our bathtub/shower and they tend to play tricks on the eye because of the pattern on them, but this was as distinct as if the hubby had been standing in the bathroom and I was seeing him through the glass door. I actually jumped because of the startling factor, then when I looked again, the figure was slowly dispersing into the steam around me. Thing is, the "figure" was made of black, just like the black of night. Now, I know most people associate black with evil, and I can't say that that is always wrong because a dark cloud can be ominous, however, there was nothing evil about this. In fact, it was just the opposite. A loving check up, if you will. It was just a strange experience. I can't say that I'm use to goddesses just popping in to say hi. Normally I talk/ visit with them in dreams and meditations, but this was just a normal night time shower...

Anywho. I just thought it was interesting and that I would share it with you!

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