Friday, March 18, 2011

Another day, Another card!!

Our Beautiful card for today is The Dream Walker! Another favorite!! I can tell that I've been needing these cards, as all my fav's have been surfacing this week as a subtle, much needed reminder... Anywho!

The Dream Walker is a multi-faceted card, and it's meaning can encompass many areas of life. First and foremost, she reminds us that dreams really do come true! On that same note, she also begs us to remember that there are to types of dreams: those of the small self and those of the divine. Each individual soul and spirit has a dream of it's own, all you must do is ask for it to be revealed to you and it will begin to unfold like magic. It may not always be apparent at first, but that is the way of magic, is it not?
The Dream Walker can also come to us to help guide us through illusion and fantasy to find our way to truth and celebrating the waking manifestation of your unique and individual dream and path.
Remember, the most beautiful dream is one that serves the beauty of your life, as well as the highest good for others too. =)

Many Blessings My Dears!

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