Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Oracle Time! x2!

The Lady of the Lake is one I have previously pulled for this blog, so I will give the same info as last time and pull and additional card.

The Lady of the Mirror is both an ally and challenger, regardless of falling upright or reversed. She tells us to see our true reflection in the mirror of our life- seeing what we have become as the product of events in our life. She then reminds us that what we are is what we attract (the law of attraction). This DOES NOT mean that we are to blame our self if we have become the victim of a "big picture event" like war, as certain events are preordained in life, regardless of choices. Rather, see how you have reacted to situations, handled jobs, and be aware of the past and present. Release all judgment and see things only in love. The Lady asks that we honor every aspect of our life, the good and the bad, for without it we would not be who we are today.

Ask yourself, do you love who you see in the mirror? The answer can only be found through an honest self appraisal. If the answer is yes, congratulations on reaching that point in your life! If you say no, make the conscious decision to bring active changes into your life that will let you love the reflection staring back at you. You are responsible for your own life, and therefore you are the only one that can truly change it!

The second card that I pulled was The Cosmos. 

This card is always an ally and never a challenger. The Cosmos represents creativity in all forms. When this card makes an appearance, it's telling you to place your attention on creative projects, and to remember that life is creative and you're always co-creating with the divine.
The Cosmos also signifies the principle of infinity and the vastness of the energetic exchange of consciousness that influences all living things. We must be mindful and remember that every thought and intention we have is infectious and has the power to influence others. We are all energetically connected, so we can't help but to be an influence whether we mean to or not!
Open up that well of creativity and be mindful of your thoughts and actions, as all these things influence your outer world. Expect to be inspired and meaningfully touch others with all that you create!


  1. love this deck! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Kallan!

    I do love this deck. It's my absoulte favorite oracle deck! I was noticing today that it's showing a lot of love... LOL!

  3. I like the part of your post about loving yourself when you look in the mirror!!

    In jr. high I was the dorky fat girl and always a bit different. In high school and college I became someone I was proud of. And became my natural true self, who my husband fell in love with, who I am love, and my family loves to! ...the real me.

    Recently at work, I've become that "fat dorky" kid again. I don't fit in with the "cool" crowd, and those coworkers definitely let me know it (which is REALLY ridiculous, considering we're adults!). I try to remind myself often that I am still the person that I, my husband and family love, even if those "lovely" ladies don't "like" me.

    Thanks for the post- I needed to remind myself once more to stay true to myself! :)


  4. Autumn-

    I totally get that!! I was (and still am, LOL!) the band geek. I've suffered a lot with my own personal self-esteem issues, and it's taken A LOT of work to get past those, or at least to the point that I am comfortable with myself. Like you, I have to remind myself that I don't have to look/act/be like what society says I should, because I am me, and as the daughter of the goddess, I am beautiful just the way I am! =)

    Screw the "popular crowd". If they still act like they're in high school, they obviously have a lot to learn yet.

    Many many blessings to you!