Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Ostara everyone!

I apologize on the lack of posting yesterday. My circle and I had a Full Moon and Ostara celebration which was family oriented during the afternoon, and resulted in a few people coming back after everyone and their kids had left so that they could make use of the altar and have some quiet ritual time. All in all, it was a very nice day. =) The day was very nice for this time of year too.... It was cool, but sunny and no massive winds to speak of. Today, on the other hand, is grey with some killer winds kicking around out there. Jaelynn is roaming around with her fairy wings on, and as soon as Stephen is done with his homework (and me too for that matter) we have a fun Ostara present to give her (in addition to all the stuff we did/got yesterday!). For a fun kid toy we got her a talking Dora back pack. Yup. A toy that makes noise. *sigh* We'll also go to the home and garden show so we can pick out flowers to celebrate the coming of spring with.

Personally, I always keep my Ostara celebrations light and airy. Element wise, it is an "air" sabbat, as well as colorful in the pastel type way. All those colors that are popular for Easter? Yup, those are totally are colors for Ostara! Symbolically, Ostara is a time of new beginnings, rebirth, fertility, growth, balance, agriculture/planting, love, and communication. Good stones for this time are moonstone, aquamarine, amethyst, rose quartz, and blue lace agate. Plants are blessed thistle, jasmine, rose, lotus, oak, and pretty much all blooming things. Good incense would be scents that are flowery (rose, lavender, lotus, etc.). And foods (because who can forget food!!??) that are appropriate for Ostara are edible flowers, breads, chocolates, nuts, fish, asparagus, and other fresh/seasonal foods.

Remember, this is a time to be happy and plant/cultivate the seeds of your life for the rest of the year. Let the child with out for some play time!

Blessed Ostara Everyone!

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