Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patricks Day! Here is your Oracle!

Another happy card today! The Winged Wise Ones come to visit, a card that is always an ally, never a challenger!

This card represents the aid of the angels (or spirit guides, totems, whatever you wish to call them). When the wise ones appear, we know that our prayers are being heard and answered (in the way the divine sees fit, of course) and we're reminded that magic and miracles can and do happen!

Whatever your circumstances, have faith and live knowing that we are being watched over and protected. The wise ones will offer you a glimpse of your future, or the right path to take if, or the answer to whatever you need if you will open up your heart and mind- listening for the subtle words or feeling, in whatever form they come. (Birds often signify and represent the arrival of a message... just food for thought!)

Be aware of your higher consciousness. Now is a good time for meditation and self reflection (kind of goes with yesterdays card, doesn't it? =) ) Remember that what you think can and will come to fruition, so remain in the positive, never the negative!

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