Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I have returned!

Well, after four 12 hour drives, a few days of cleaning up the estate, and being detained in Denver for an extra 3 days due to weather, I have finally made it back home! A LOT of stuff happened on this trip... to avoid confusion, I will do separate posts for each topic (otherwise it will make little sens and be super jumbled).

Glad to be back with my blog again! I missed it lots, and did a lot of free writing to make up for it.

On the downside, my step-dad's father (isn' t doing very well, and it looks like Jaelynn and I will be leaving on Saturday for another week so we can  see him again before he passes. K, ya'll, I'm tired of death and could really use a break! Enough moaning though... It must be done!

Many Blessings my dears!

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