Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jaelynn's Goddess Candle

Last night, as I was tucking my daughter in and turning out the lights, she started talking about the goddess keeping her safe and warm. This is a normal conversation we have every night at bed time, and typically she rambles on in half "adult" language and half mutterings that I don't understand. Last night though, as she was talking, she looking at me and plainly said, "I want a goddess candle". I figured, ok, that's understandable, as we have several goddess candles throughout he house. So, I told her we could make one after school and nap time tomorrow (which is today). However, he next statement totally and completely caught me off guard. She said, "Candle for Gaia". Please insert my jaw dropping silence here. While we honor every goddess in our home, typically when we say our night time prayers or talk about the goddess we either call her "goddess", "mother", or we use the names of Isis, Kuan Yin, and Ostara. Gaia is not one that, in conscious memory, I can recall telling her. So, I told her that yes, Gaia would keep her safe and warm while she slept, then I dropped it and it went downstairs so she could go to sleep. This afternoon comes and I ask Jae what color she wants her candle. Without hesitation she says, "WHITE!" Totally doable. Then I ask if she wants any other colors... next, "PURPLE!" Fantastic! Before we get started, the kiddo says she has to go pee-pee, so we go and sit on the potty... While she's sitting there, she suddenly looks at me and says, "Goddess candle white, purple AND green!" Well, alrighty then. When she was done, she got to pick her own jar for the candle, as well as the order of the colors. Here is our photo documentation.. =)
Getting ready....
First Layer, White, is in!
Helping mommy stir the wax...

Pouring the Purple layer!
Smelling her candle...
Pouring the Green layer!
And the Finished (almost- minus the wick) Gaia candle!!


  1. How awe-inspiring and amazing! Obviously, Gaia has taken the task of watching over your lovely daughter.

    Brightest Blessings!

  2. Wonderful post! Love to see your daughter getting in touch with the Sacred Feminine already!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Love and Blessings,