Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Simple Candle Spell

When you suddenly find yourself needed in an area that can't be physically reached (i.e. another state, class room, etc.) I find that the simplest of candle spells can help you astrally or energetically reach this needed destination. Today I found myself being called on to help with a negative court room/ lawyer experience. The assistance needed was to help keep happy energy flowing and not allowing the person being questioned to become buried under stress and negativity. I tapped into my friend (after getting them to lower their shield enough to let me in) and, even though I had to tend to making my daughters lunch and putting groceries away, I said a small prayer lit a light blue candle and some myrrh incense. I continued on with my tasks, humming a chant to myself (om mani pedme hum) and have helped with a long-distance energy manipulation to help a friend in need.

It's not always possible to physically be there for people when you're needed, but with a small amount of concentration and a strong intent, anything is possible.

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