Friday, February 18, 2011

To the Hopi- The month of purification and renewal

The full moon for February is know by many names. I chose to use the Hopi name for this moon because, for me personally, purification and renewal is what's up on the menu. =) Many of you have read my blog on the death in my family (and thank you for the warm wishes and happy energy sent my way), and my mom and I have decided to leave on Sunday and make the drive to southern New Mexico to settle my grandma's estate. I have packed a small bag with items for energy/magical purification as well as a bag for physical purification. I got to thinking about it, and when the magnitude of the task at hand hit me with the realization that we'll be cleaning out a trailer that hasn't been opened in almost 5 months, I decided that I needed to go down prepared. And in this process of cleansing and sorting, I plan to concentrate on my own life and the bedraggled state it's been in this past week, and cleanse and purge all the negativity and remaining "nasties" from being sick. I think it's an outstanding plan. =)

Because of this cold I'm still fighting, I decided to not do any of my normal full moon activities, such as making my moon water, because I don't want any "energetically tainted" things residing on my altar for the next month. However, I did cleansing the drains of my kitchen sink (because it's been a good while since I've done that), using the method I found on Mrs. B's fabulous blog:, then Jaelynn and I did our normal nightly ritual with her new Goddess Candle (I took a picture for your viewing pleasure!). After that I took a nice hot back with some chamomile, drank some homemade herbal tea, and hit the sack!

Now that I've talked all about my life, let me give you some magical correspondences for this moon!

Astrology wise, today is the end of the Aquarius and tomorrow begins Pisces! Good colors to work with are light blue, aqua and purple. When I think about things to do for this full moon, the first thought I had would be to lay down, put a pretty piece of amethyst on your third eye and soak in the light of the moon. If it is too cold to go outside, that's fine, just find a comfy spot in the house and bring the moon into you! Feel the light of the moon recharging your body, mind and soul. Easing away any pains or problems you're facing and replacing that energy with the light and love of the moon/goddess (whichever you prefer). Do this until you feel the light within your entire being and that it's created a sphere around your body. Slowly take this light and pull it into you, keeping only what you need, then sending the rest back into our beautiful Earth. Make sure you eat a little something afterwards if you need additional grounding!

Hope you enjoy! Many blessings to you this full moon!

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  1. Hey there,
    I'm just now getting caught up on my blog reading.. I'm so sorry for your loss. Sending you well-wishes and safe travel blessings.